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Meet Lauren

Hello and welcome!


I'm Lauren, and I am so pleased to meet you.


When I joined the Beauty Industry in 2002, I quickly realized how powerful this new career would be. The skills I was gifted blended with what I had learned, gave me the ability to help others look and FEEL incredible. It was seriously intoxicating and I was sold. 

On my journey I have been on a team with full scale salons, an entrepreneur with my own business, and proud to be an Industry Educator with Sexy Hair. Our branded seasonal trainings keep my perspective fresh, creativity alive, and knowledge of product on point. 

What does that all mean for you as my guest? 

bring a warm and excited energy to every visit. Taking time to talk with you so that I can understand and customize every service to meet YOUR individual needs. Creating your vision is one of my specialties. Taking the photos, words, or even random thoughts you bring me and piecing together your dream is like second nature to me. Caring for the clients in my salon is truly an honor that I cannot wait to share with you!

If you're ready to be heard and have the hair you truly deserve, schedule an appointment


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